Publication Information (UPDATED)

Publication Plans

Four special sections in JGR-Space Physics have been approved – submission information below. Each of the sections will provide a broad survey of new advancements and innovative technologies enabling the next generation in four focused areas in solar and space physics: Fields, Particles, Photons, and Optical  & Ground-Based measurements. Particular attention will be given to those techniques and technologies that support significant advancement in measurements; thereby enabling the highest priority science advances for future missions and investments. A broad survey of the current technologies will serve as reference material and as a basis from which advanced and innovative ideas are identified and investment strategies are developed . This includes instrumentation and techniques to observe the solar environment from its interior to its outer atmosphere, the heliosphere out to the interstellar boundary regions, as well as geospace and planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres. A complete survey of the techniques and technologies available for future use by the practitioners of solar and space physics is solicited. Manuscripts providing an original contribution to the state-of-the-art in fields instrumentation, including a clear demonstration of their applicability to advancing understanding of solar and space physics, are highly encouraged. In addition to the electronic access to the four sections, four hard-back volumes will be published. These are intended to update similar publications that came out of the 1996 conference in Santa Fe (AGU monographs 102 and 103 particles and fields) and expand to include photons and ground-based.

Publication Contributions

A submission portal with the four new sections is available. Potential authors are to directed to Log in; select “Submit Manuscript”; select appropriate manuscript type (Technical Reports, or Review Paper) and click "continue"; select the appropriate tab and proceed to upload files. The four special sections are found in the drop down menu “Special Section” in the tab labeled “Keywords, Categories, Special Sections”.

Each paper will undergo the JGR peer review process. Senior Assoc. Editors are Jim Spann/MSFC and Tom Moore/GSFC. 

Submission due dates 

February 21, 2016 - Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics: Fields
Asociate Editor POC:  Brian Anderson/JHU APL

February 21, 2016 - Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics: Particles
Asociate Editor POC Jim Clemmons/Aerospace

February 28, 2016 - Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics: Photons
Asociate Editor POC: Steve Christe/GSFC

February 28, 2016 - Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics: Optical & Ground-Based
Asociate Editor POC: Phil Erickson/MIT Haystack

JGR Publication Units 

The short story is this:  JGR-Space Physics articles will now cost a fixed fee for papers that are 25 publication units or less in length.  Each pub unit over 25 will cost an additional $125.  Open Access will cost $3500, allowing anyone (with or without a subscription) to view and download the paper.  

Thank you for your participation.